TOP 5 TIPS to achieving the Badwey Body

Rebecca Badwey - Fitness Role Model

Rebecca Badwey - Fitness Role Model

1. FIND A SUPPORT SYSTEM – Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. Beware of saboteurs (people who want you to fail)

2. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU EAT – and eat every 2 hours.

3. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT AT THE GYM – The gym is a war zone. It’s your dream vs a room full of heavy steel and potential distractions. Put your headphones on and set the tone of your workout before you ever enter the front doors!!

4. USE TOP QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS – Supplements are your battle armour designed to strengthen you and protect you from injury and fatigue.

5. DO YOUR RESEARCH – Achieving and maintaining the body of an elite athlete takes knowledge in many areas. That is why I created this page. I’ve been researching this lifestyle for the past several years and while I may have far to go, I can at least give you the boost I didn’t have.


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